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Oh, Mohammed

HT PZ, with a new définition of the Hajj


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Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

I needed this word! It will be perfect for a few persons I’m talking about here. 🙂

HT grrlscientist

Now, what the f*uck is Mensa Invitational? Why the Washington Post ignore it? A hoax of some kind? Who cares? The word is perfect 😉

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pour Jean ?

En voyant cette pub pour la Holikey, me posant des question si c’est une clé holistique parce que HollyKey m’aurait paru plus convenable pour une clé chrétienne (mais Jean est assez holistique anyway) je me suis dit que ce n’était peut-être pas une très bonne idée de cadeau.

Héh oui ! Jean est en plein Islam, il est possible qu’il prépare sa conversion pour des raisons marketing. Ca ne serait pas la première, n’est-ce pas ?

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who’s that moron ?

Oh ! Scordova is the moron, nothing new in the ID universe 🙂

Look at the original :

Dear Sir John Herschel

You must permit me to have the pleasure to thank you for your kind present of your Physical Geography.f2 I feel honoured by your gift, & shall prize this Book with your autograph. I am pleased with your note on my book on species, though apparently you go but a little way with me.f3 The point which you raise on intelligent Design has perplexed me beyond measure; & has been ably discussed by Prof. Asa Gray, with whom I have had much correspondence on the subject.—f4 I am in a complete jumble on the point. One cannot look at this Universe with all living productions & man without believing that all has been intelligently designed; yet when I look to each individual organism, I can see no evidence of this. For, I am not prepared to admit that God designed the feathers in the tail of the rock-pigeon to vary in a highly peculiar manner in order that man might select such variations & make a Fan-tail; & if this be not admitted (I know it would be admitted by many persons), then I cannot see design in the variations of structure in animals in a state of nature,—those variations which were useful to the animal being preserved & those useless or injurious being destroyed. But I ought to apologise for thus troubling you.—

You will think me very conceited when I say I feel quite easy about the ultimate success of my views, (with much error, as yet unseen by me, to be no doubt eliminated); & I feel this confidence, because I find so many young & middle-aged truly good workers in different branches, either partially or wholly accepting my views, because they find that they can thus group & understand many scattered facts. This has occurred with those who have chiefly or almost exclusively studied morphology, geographical Distribution, systematic Botany, simple geology & palæontology. Forgive me boasting, if you can; I do so because I shd. value your partial acquiescence in my views, more than that of almost any other human being.—f5

Believe me with much respect | Yours, sincerely & obliged | Charles Darwin

Underlined Scorcova’s humorously digged candidate for a sticker. Now, that would make a perfect sticker for ID friendly books, not even able to finish reading the phrase 😀

Well, an effort Scordova, finish it : yet when I look to each individual organism, I can see no evidence of this.

Difficult stuff, isn’t it ? finishing phrases and tying understand them 😀

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The Village Atheist


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There is a quite interesting skull exposed.

Some people say that this is an artist‘s creation. Some other people think that this could be just a downscaled representation of the V.I.D.E., the Very Intelligent Designer Err…1 Almost 100% brain and condemned to continuous feeding, as the rest of the body is quite atrophied and thus must struggle to provide the energy necessary for the huge brain.

Some people think that this could be the human species’ fate.

And a lot of people think that this is just plain hilarious.

HT: Street Anatomy.

1: Others talk about the V.O.I.D., the Very Outstanding Intelligent Designer. Heretics!

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