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How many honorary doctorates does Judge Jones have now?:

« ID is the intellectual elite’s equivalent of leprosy. » 

write Dembski. You may just read : ID is the intellectual’s equivalent of leprosy. You don’t need scoring more then 100 90 in a IQ test to understand how IDiot ID is ;-)And other diseases of the same kind exist, say tuberculosis, isn’t Jean ?And by the way, to answer the titles question: not enough! 


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PZ Meyers PZ Meyer PZ Meier PZ Myers, posted about the motion presented by on october 2006.It may be more interesting to visit the Report of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education (Rapporteur ).

Et en français, cadeau de Pangolina. Merci m’dame.

About France, where I hang, there are two entries :

57. The Harun Yahya offensive: In early 2007, the Turkish creationist Harun Yahya sent his work entitled “The Atlas of Creation” to a very large number of French schools and resource centres. In response, the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, called on chief education officers to ensure that this book « which does not correspond to the content of the curricula drawn up by the Ministry, is not available at school resource centres”. Hervé LeGuyader, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Paris VI, was tasked by the General National Education Inspectorate with producing a detailed analysis of this atlas. He considers the book to be “Much more dangerous than the previous creationist initiatives, which were often of Anglo-Saxon origin”. He believes that the lavishness of the work and the method employed by the author could “prove highly effective in the case of an uninformed public. He also finds that the scientific content of this book is “pathetically inadequate”. “The Atlas of Creation” has also been sent to many journalists.58. The (): The UIP, an association set up under the Law of 1901, was established in 1995 to replace the , which was founded in 1989 to succeed the . Supported at the beginning by a number of prestigious companies, it has gradually been abandoned by its sponsors owing to the suspicions of raised against it. It is actively working on the introduction of spirituality into the sciences and society and is also said to be very closely allied to the American intelligent design movement. The transmission on ARTE in October 2005 of the Thomas Johnson documentary Homo sapiens, a new history of Man was, incidentally, very controversial in France. It seems to have been very largely inspired by the work of , who is responsible for research at the National Scientific Research Centre CNRS, is attached to the Paris Natural History Museum and was at that time a member of the UIP’s scientific council. The documentary was accused of conveying a neocreationist message and helping the UIP’s cause.

Now, if you go thought the document and you aren’t crying with the pitiful situation of Europe maybe you come from outer space. Or USA, almost the same ;-)Organizations such as the European University of Paris (largely financed by the ) should trigger much more reactions by the academia IMHO. , founder and general secretary of the UIP, recently published a fabulous book (in a few month available in the USA, probably via the JTF editions) a collection of « everything you should not teach in a biology classroom » (there is more then biology, but I’ll keep commenting just this part). Local reactions = zero.I don’t think the book is a best seller, but I suppose that at least a dozen of academics should have blog about it demonstrating the errors on which Staune builds it’s logical illusions to claim that science made more probable the existence of gods. I suppose the immune system of rationalists in Europe is dormant. And hope that it will be boosted after the voting of the resolution.I would like to thank those who participated in the redaction of the text, and let’s spread their names :

Members of the Committee: Mr Jacques (Chairman), Baroness Hooper, Mr Wolfgang Wodarg, Mrs Anne , (Vice-Chairpersons), Mr Hans Ager, Mr Toomas Alatalu, Mr. Kornél , Mr Lars Barfoed, Mr Rony Bargetze, Mr Lars , Mrs Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc (Alternate: Mr ), Mr Radu Mircea Berceanu, Mr Levan Berdzenishvili, Mrs Oksana Bilozir, Mrs Maria Luisia Boccia (Alternate: Mr Stefano ), Mrs Margherita Boniver, Mr Ioannis Bougas, Mr Osman Coşkunoğlu, Mr Vlad Cubreacov, Mr Ivica Dačić, Mrs Maria , Mr Joseph Debono Grech, Mr Stepan Demirchyan, Mr Ferdinand Devinski, Mrs Åse Gunhild Woie , Mr Detlef Dzembritzki, Mrs Anke Eymer, Mr Relu Fenechiu, Mrs Blanca Fernández-Capel, Mrs Maria Emelina , Mr Axel , Mr José , Mr Eamon Gilmore, Mr Stefan Glǎvan, Mr Luc Goutry, Mr Vladimir Grachev, Mr Andreas Gross, Mr Jean-Pol Henry, Mr Rafael , Mr Fazail Ibrahimli, Mrs Halide İncekara, Mrs Evguenia Jivkova, Mr Morgan Johansson, Mrs Dagny Jónsdóttir, Mr Ali Rashid Khalil, Mr József , Mr Jean-Pierre , Mr Markku , Mr Guy , Mrs Jagoda Majska-Martinčević, Mr Tomasz , Mr Andrew McIntosh, Mr Ivan Melnikov (Alternate; Mr Alexander ), Mrs Maria Manuela , Mrs Assunta Meloni, Mr Paskal Milo, Mrs Christine , Mrs Miroslava , Mr Edward O’Hara (Alternate: Mr Robert ), Mr Kent , Mr Andrey Pantev, Mrs Antigoni Pericleous Papadopoulos, Mr Azis , Mrs Majda Potrata, Mr Dušan Proroković, Mr Lluis Maria de Puig (Alternate: Mrs María Josefa ), Mr Zbigniew Rau (Alternate: Mr Zbigniew ), Mrs Anta Rugāte, Mr André Schneider, Mr Urs Schweitzer, Mr Vitaliy Shybko, Mrs Geraldine Smith, Mrs Albertina Soliani, Mr Yury Solonin, Mr Christophe Spiliotis-Saquet (Alternate: Mr Bernard ), Mr Valeriy , Mr Petro Symonenko, Mr Mehmet Tekelioğlu, Mr Ed van Thijn, Mr Piotr Wach, Mr Emanuelis

Tagged, those who took part in the meeting.

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une de faite

1/ Kallima ressemblant à une feuille morte mais sans tâches sur les ailes.
2/ Kallima avec des tâches sur les ailes.
3/ Kallima avec des tâches sur les ailes ressemblant vaguement à un champignon.
4/ Kallima avec des tâches sur les ailes ressemblant vraiment à un champignon.
5/ Kallima avec des tâches sur les ailes ressemblant un peu à une espèce particulière de champignon.
6/ Kallima ressemblant à une feuille morte avec des tâches sur les ailes ressemblant exactement à une espèce particulière de champignon.

Plus que : (suite…)

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Homme Tron

Non, je ne me suis pas trompé pour le titre, Tron fait référence au film Tron.

C’est une autre des belles histoires que utilise dans la discussion « Dieu et la science, incompatible ? » [Sur la Toile], ici [jeanstaune – Envoyé le 30-11-2006 à 01:02].

Bien sûr il en a contre les méchants matérialistes qui ne le laissent pas aligner ses c*nn*r**s tranquillement.

Il a abandonné ses Plutoniens, mais il y a bel et bien des extra-terrestres servis pour arriver à dire que la Science peut s’occuper de l’existence de Dieu.

Pathétique à souhait le brave Jean, mais on doit lui reconnaître le même acharnement que celui de DaveScot, son admirateur. Il racontera n’importe quelle salade pour arriver à se faufiler en Science, non content de sa philosophie des sciences, son PhD fantôme (faudrait que d’Espagnat le coach pour une thèse un de ces jours, à la Tessier) et ses inepties quand il s’agit de biolo.

Jean Staune, l’homme Tron (le sous-titre du film lui va bien : The Electronic Gladiator; vous ne trouvez pas ? :-D)

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Intelligent design requires evidence: Ah, but what can be considered evidence?: « In the research for the neuroscience book for which I am Montreal neuroscientist Mario Beauregard’s co-author (The Spiritual Brain, Harper, March 2007), I found that really inane and unsatisfactory explanations for various mental states were preferred if they supported the materialist paradigm, over against better explanations that didn’t particularly support it. Sometimes it was ludicrous. But always it was deadly serious. »

Who is saying so ? , a well known pro-ID journalist.

is one of the signatories of « Pour une Science sans a priori » alias « Toward an Open-Minded Science » an UIP production, promoted but not endorsed by .

Did I misunderstood that the is against ? could explain that?

Do I recall correctly that Beauregard’s research was founded by the ?

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The few readers of this blog know that I contacted the John with the aim to know if they were aware of the differences between « Toward an Open-Minded Science » (TaOMS), displayed at their website, and « Pour une Science sans a priori »(PuSsap) published in Le Monde on February 23, 2006 under the impulse of and the . And in the case they weren’t aware if after taking a look at the french version of the « point of view » they decided that they support it.


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Pourquoi passer de l’ à l’ ? (note, est le fondateur et secrétaire général des deux structures)

Tort nous dit :

L’ est créée en 1995 – pour des raisons que l’on comprend mal, car rien apparemment ne la distingue de l’association antérieure []– afin de rassembler tous ceux (« adhérents, personnalités scientifiques, décideurs du public et du privé ») qui adhèrent au projet, suffisamment flou pour être fédérateur, de la « nouvelle vision du monde » que entend combiner avec la « rationalité scientifique ».

Je sais que la majorité des gens ne fait pas de relation entre 1995 et et 2468 n’évoque pas le sujet !
Or, 1995 est l’année de la publication du rapport 2468 fait au nom de la commission d’enquête sur les sectes !

Que feriez vous à la place des membres d’une association dont les objectifs étaient un peu trop proches des religions durant l’enquête de la commission ?
Vous ne monteriez pas une association toute fraîche avec des objectifs plus scientifiques juste pour le cas où ?

Mais ce n’est qu’une supposition, pourquoi Jean Staune n’expliquerait pas les motivations qui ont présidé à cette mutation ?

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