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ID more and more dirty

Not only creationists but politician also leave IDers

The Senator, who is seeking re-election, has been backpedaling away from his support of the ID ever since the Dover Area School District deep-sixed its unconstitutional intelligent design policy.



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I’ve decided to put Uncommon Descent into mothballs indefinitely. need to concentrate forces…
And he leaves the stage at post 609, quite symmetric! On artistic or intelligent design?

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Intelligent Design attacks

We received a long email that said a lot of nasty things, but here is a quote from it to give you an idea of the content:

“You blasphemers are spreading the false scripiture (sic) of evolution, trying to make people think its okay to merge human DNA with animal DNA. Humans are not animals! It is impossible to combine Godly DNA of Man, who was created in God’s image, with the DNA of beasts. God will punish (sic) you. We have destroyed your blog and hopefully your sinful story.”
The letter was signed “ID for God.”

A gag? Perhaps. But at any rate, the Ancestor blog was hit hard. We’ve got it back online, and we’ve corrected the problem, so all of you feel free to start posting again.

How can Google help you in such a case? Check for cached pages!
I’m not a « all Google » guy but for the particular case googling « site:http://www.project-daemon.net » was useful. Recovery of some stuff was finished before the downloading of ‘s podcasted novel, , so I had time for this post 😉

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make your choice

Cartoon, by Doonesbury. Some times having to make a choice make you think twice about your beliefs

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desperately seeking evidence

A short text signed Brian W. Ogilvie, titled « Why the Court’s Dover Decision Is a Triumph for Religion as well as Science« , interesting to read.

Creationists seem to give-up the collaboration with , as mentionned. You don’t want to be seen with a looser.

But there is more in that and Brian W. Ogilvie conclude :

If, by chance, Intelligent Design develops a real scientific research program and identifies biological adaptations that evolution cannot explain, scientists will not become modern-day natural theologians in droves. Instead, they’ll start seeking a better natural explanation. If Intelligent Design is a real science, its proponents should welcome this possibility. If they shudder at the thought, they should stop cheapening their religious beliefs by trying to pass them off as science.

Long ago, Saint Augustine warned Christians that spouting falsehoods about science would only make their faith seem ridiculous. Intelligent Design proves him right.

Interesting isn’t it?

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I’m discovering , as a quite naive guy in fact. He wonders :

In what other science do its scientists have to do so much cheerleading for their theory?

None! Biology concern us in many ways and advancements have deep and almost immediate impacts in our lives, so it’s worth some celebration, not only from its scientists, but from everyone who is concerned about his health and life expectancy or about improvement in food production techniques or ecosystems balancing.

I strongly agree with , saying:

« Scientists Vote as Year’s Breakthrough », The problem with this headline is that it’s dated not 1859 but 2005

It should be dated 1859. We lost 146 years, but cheer up fellows, things are on the right track 🙂

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ID dirty for creationists?

Aha ! News at the horizon.

wonders what’s up to . The response is :

« At Reasons To Believe, our team of scientists has developed a theory for creation that embraces the latest scientific advances. It is fully testable, falsifiable, and successfully predicts the current discoveries in origin of life research. » via

Seems that those professional quality believers believe that Intelligent Design is f*ucked up, after Judge John E. Jones III ruled that was a religious idea and prefer to take their own chances with what they call a fully testable and falsifiable theory of them. No name yet?

One could expect a publication in a peer reviewed journal for such good news. But on the other hand Dr Ross and Dr Rana have bills to pay; so, there are two books describing a model that catapults the evolution/creation controversy to an all new level-from science vs. religion to science vs. science I suppose that they re-written the definition of Science in the dictionary, but until they publish in a peer reviewed journals I’ll ignore this revolutionary model…

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