J’aurais été tenté de parler de stauneries (n’importe quoi avec la Jean Staune Touch!) mais Jacques semble préférer staunisier, qui ‘est pas mal non plus.

C’est un forum, inscrivez-vous et allez-y gaiement. Jean appréciera. J’espère au moins.

Oh, Mohammed

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Taking Science on Faith by Paul Davies, director of Beyond, sponsored by FQXi, linked with Templeton Foundation, of which Paul Davies is Templeton Prize winner, and member of the board of trustees and member of the board of advisors.

free your mind

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Boing Boing strikes gold

Boing Boing strikes gold – a new name for evolution denialists [denialism blog]: « 

Mark at Boing Boing proposes an excellent new name for Intelligent Design creationists – ‘cdesign proponentsists’. It’s in honor of this wonderful observation from ‘Of Pandas and People’ the creati … I mean cdesign proponentsists textbook:

This is one of numerous examples of their dishonesty in suggesting that they’re anything but creationists in disguise.

I like Mark’s idea, this should be their new name. It’s a bit of a compromise. They don’t want to be called creationists, and we don’t want them to get away with lying. It’s perfect!

Now as to the pronunciation. How about ‘see-design proponent cysts’?

Read the comments on this post… »

CIDiots would be more easy to use, I think. For the full name a new tag is on 😉


Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

I needed this word! It will be perfect for a few persons I’m talking about here. 🙂

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Now, what the f*uck is Mensa Invitational? Why the Washington Post ignore it? A hoax of some kind? Who cares? The word is perfect 😉

Jerry Bergman on Lifecode

Après Jean Staune présentant Vincent Fleury, voici Jerry Bergman soutenant StuartPivar et Lifecode.

Trouvé chez Denyse bien entendu qui s’est précipitée pour l’annoncer chez les IDiots.

Encore une fois où un couillon utilise le mot « théorie »à tort et à travers.

Conversely, Pivar proposes a radically new theory, of which parts may well have merit. Only time will tell. What he needs is empirical and experimental evidence.

Tiens, lui non plus n’a pas d’évidence expérimentale, c’est une épidémie 😀

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This is from Larry Moran :

Some people, even evolutionists, think that the only creationists are those who believe in the literal truth of Genesis. They maintain that it is wrong to refer to intelligent design proponents as creationists. Obviously, I disagree and I’m not alone. In fact, I’d go one step farther than the Committee on Culture, Science and Education, I’d say that Theistic Evolutionists are also creationists because they believe in a creator.

and is exacly what I was discussing a month ago about the silly definition of creationists (FAQ6qnto) proposed by Vincent Fleury.

pour Jean ?

En voyant cette pub pour la Holikey, me posant des question si c’est une clé holistique parce que HollyKey m’aurait paru plus convenable pour une clé chrétienne (mais Jean est assez holistique anyway) je me suis dit que ce n’était peut-être pas une très bonne idée de cadeau.

Héh oui ! Jean est en plein Islam, il est possible qu’il prépare sa conversion pour des raisons marketing. Ca ne serait pas la première, n’est-ce pas ?