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Taking Science on Faith by Paul Davies, director of Beyond, sponsored by FQXi, linked with Templeton Foundation, of which Paul Davies is Templeton Prize winner, and member of the board of trustees and member of the board of advisors.


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Boing Boing strikes gold – a new name for evolution denialists [denialism blog]: « 

Mark at Boing Boing proposes an excellent new name for Intelligent Design creationists – ‘cdesign proponentsists’. It’s in honor of this wonderful observation from ‘Of Pandas and People’ the creati … I mean cdesign proponentsists textbook:

This is one of numerous examples of their dishonesty in suggesting that they’re anything but creationists in disguise.

I like Mark’s idea, this should be their new name. It’s a bit of a compromise. They don’t want to be called creationists, and we don’t want them to get away with lying. It’s perfect!

Now as to the pronunciation. How about ‘see-design proponent cysts’?

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CIDiots would be more easy to use, I think. For the full name a new tag is on 😉

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